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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  August 2, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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he was a long time caretaker of the ark church. members said they could count on him for just about everything, police believe he was shot and killed over his scooter which he used to get around since he didn't drive. joining us now live is jl carter, pastor of the ark church. thank you so much for being with us. what message do you hope is driven home to the community tonight? >> we're believing that tonight we'll get a chance to bring about unity, both in the community, city government, our officials, and hopefully there will be a commitment to work together to end this kind of senseless acts. we preach sunday after sunday how important life is, and i'm just hoping that from recreational centers being open, from funds being allotted for youth in terms of before-school activities and
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after school, that we will get a chance to understand that is so paramount to ending this kind of senseless action. >> reporter: the commissioner fred bealefeld will be here tonight. we've heard time and time again from him that violence is down. violence and crime is down in the city. i would imagine though that doesn't necessarily set so well with you because you lost a loved one. >> when you've lost a loved one that doesn't mean a thing at all. this is the real deal. what we need to understand that one life taken is too much. and i'm just hoping that we'll get to a place where we understand the value of life and that we'll understand that we need help and support in the community and we thank god for our public officials but you we believe more can be done. >> reporter: pastor carter, thank you so much. we'll hear from you tonight at 6:00 as that vigil gets underway. kelly, just the latest on the police investigation. there's really no update at this point. his green scooter, milton
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hill's green scooter still missing. police believe robbery was the motive for the killing and a suspect is still at large. we'll join you again at 6:00 as that vigil gets underway. live in east baltimore. cheryl conner, abc2 news. >> thank you. tonight, police are looking for witnesses of a two-car crash in queen anne's county that killed two people. it happened around 8:00 sunday morning after the driver of a bmw lost control, crossed a double line and hit another vehicle. the driver of that car, 41-year-old victor smith of annapolis survived but two of his passengers were killed. the other driver was treated for her injuries. police believe smith was speeding, the cause of the crash is under investigation. tonight, anne arundel county police need your help to catch two robbery suspects. i want to you look at this picture. police say the robbery happened july 24th at a 7-eleven at 495 old mill road in millersville. according to police one suspect pointed a gun at an employee and the other took money from
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the cash register. both suspects got away on foot. anyone with information about the robbery should call metro crime stoppers, the number is 1-866-7-lockup. baltimore city firefighters union and police officers union are expressing dissatisfaction in a big way. check this billboard near east baltimore street. it reads "welcome to baltimore, home to a mayor and council who turned their backs on our police and firefighters." last month changes to the police and fire pensions went into effect. police and firefighters now have to pay more into their pensions and now many have to wait 25 years, not 20, to retire with full benefits. the mayor released a statement on the billboard -- this year's reform of the fire and police pension system ensures our rearees will have a dignified and secure retirement plan. the city can afford. on our facebook page we
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asked you what you thought of the billboard. phillip writes "they can't fund the pension, they have to spend $5 million to pay --." gregory writes "i think it's a wonderful idea. you don't mess with the emergency service personnel's money." to share your opinion just head to our facebook page and leave a comment. baltimore city sale of unpaid tax bills is being credit side by some who say the city unfairly puts people who owe small amounts on the road to foreclosure. according to "the baltimore sun" the city recently filled more than 6,400 tax bills to investors who can move to foreclose later this year if the owner doesn't pay up with interest. legal aid attorneys say many homeowners don't realize they owe money until they face foreclosure. one south baltimore rowhouse wept to a tax sale over less than $4 in unpaid taxes and
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hundreds of dollars in citations for a messy yard. the baltimore county council is expected to take up wind turbines and cell phone towers today. the council will consider a five-year pilot program to test wind turbines for use in manufacturing and rural areas. they are also considering a bill to limit cell phone towers in rural areas. they would only be there by special exception and only if the structures don't rise above prominent ridges and hilltops. in the gulf of mexico tonight, engineers are preparing the next step in sealing the bp oil well forever. a makeshift cap held back the gusher of oil for about two weeks now. now they will try permanent plugs of mud and cement, first from the top, then the bottom. finally sealing the oil back in the sea bed at its source. here's diana avillar. >> reporter: crews are closing in on plugging the damaged well permanently. >> they will start pumping mud
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at a very low rate. >> reporter: that leaves what to do about the oil and chemicals used to treat it that still sit in the gulf. congressman ed markey wants answers about the long-term effects saying bp often carpet bombed the ocean with these chemicals and the coast guard allowed them to do it. in a second round of testing the epa found when dispersants were mixed with a type of crude oil that gushed into the gulf the result is no more toxic to marine life than the oil itself. a look at louisiana marshlands showed oil is still a menace. thick black gobs choke the shore. >> look at it oozing back out of the marsh. there's no oil out here. >> reporter: the louisiana governor bobby jindal says it's a sign the clean-up process is far from over but applauded the reopening of some fishing regions. >> our people don't want a bp check, they don't want an unemployment economic. as soon as its safe they want to work again. this is their way of life. >> reporter: as for the damaged well itself, operation
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static kill set to begin monday night where heavy mud is pumped in, pushing down the oil and suffocating the upward pressure. >> the step would be whether or not to put cement in. >> the same process could be repeated from below with the relief well a few days later. today federal officials announced several minor leaks sprung up near the damaged oil well but said they are not expected to delay any of the plugging efforts and that engineers are already working to repair them. diana avillar, abc news, new york. the coast guard is cracking down on a practice of riding on the front of boats. it's dangerous. if the boat gets hit the person on the front could be hurt or knocked overboard and can be hurt by the propeller. the coast guard will stop boats that have people riding on the bow and boaters could be charged with negligence. the grand prix is coming to baltimore this summer. if you used pratt street to get to work you want to find an alternate. pratt street along several
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blocks will go from four lanes to two. that means major delays. the road is being resurfaced as the city gets ready to welcome the grand prix race next year. drivers should avoid pratt street, use baltimore or mull mulberry as an alternate. the closures will be from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and again from 7:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. and beginning next monday the work will span several city blocks 24/7. the solo cup company will begin shutting down its owings mills plant in october but the last worker won't actually leave until march of 2012. solo announced layoffs in june. the company makes paper products such as cups and containers. a cloudy day but we had temperatures that were into the 80s and we can once again say it was below average. temperatures this afternoon were into the 80s. 82 downtown. the warmer spots to the west, winchester 83. as you head to the eastern shore temperatures into the low
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80s. here's the time lapse photography shot showing those clouds. we saw a few peaks of sunshine, that allowed for the temperatures to get -- we're around the 80-degree mark but the heat will be on for the rest of the week the there's the temperatures on the weathernet sites from bel air to edgemere. temperatures into the 80s. elsewhere across the state temperatures into the upper 80s. down into alexandria, then hamilton, well down to the south and to the west. so for your overnight, temperatures are around 70, matching up with the dew point numbers. that will create patchy fog for the remainder of the overnight. the heat to the south. we'll talk more about that and storms in the forecast coming up in a bit. the os introduce their new manager today. buck showalter has a track record of turning bad teams around. the question around baltimore is can he do the same thing here? >> reporter: the os have had a subpar season
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with the 32-73 record. now there's a new manager in town. >> we are very, very excited about introducing buck as our new manager. the other thing i've always talked about, we need an identity as a franchise. we need somebody that can put his stamp on this team and have us play a certain brand of baseball without further ado. it's my great privilege to introduce the new manager of the baltimore orioles, buck showalter. [ applause ] >> great organizations are able to sustain some success over a long period of time. it's a relationship between the general manager and the manager. that's one thing that is attractive to me here. >> reporter: with 50 plus games left in the season fans are still buying tickets. but emotions are mixed. >> buck showalter is not -- he's not going to make a difference. i don't see anything changing. i'm a season ticket holder.
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i'm not going in september at all. i'm done. this is august, i'm done. >> i'm excited. i think he brings a culture of winning every place he's been, turning around teams that haven't been great. >> reporter: showalter is the third manage they are season. fans want to know what happens to juan? >> i asked him to stay in the organization, do some special assignment work which he agreed to do. one of the things i'm anxious for him to do, after he takes some time at home, i want him to take a look at our facilities in the dominican and be with that program. >> reporter: buck showalter has an impressive resume spanning three decades. can he turn this franchise around? we'll find out. at the yard, manny loch, abc2 news. >> our fingers are crossed. it's 30 and over day at the ravens training camp. that means older players get a day off. why three may be the charm they are hoping for. more on today's practice.
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and, it's move-in day at aberdeen proving grounds. we're going to hear from some of the early arrivals for brac. plus, we got tips to make sure your child is ready for pre-k. coming up in our "take 5". [ applau
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it's hard to believe school will be back in session for the end of the month. for some it's the beginning of their education. no disagreement that enrolling your child in pre-k is key to developing your school future but how do you get them ready? here's a look at tonight's "take 5". >> reporter: it's the song of the summer but soon the chance to go to the ballgame will be replaced with the abcs. >> let's start. a, apple. >> reporter: at the goddard school in whitemarsh most of these kids are heading to kindergarten and are
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prepared thanks to the pre-k experience. so what can you do now to help your soon-to-be pre-k child get ready? tip one, give them a little independence. >> i would suggest if there's a month left here before pre-k starts to make sure that you're not doing for your child what they should be doing for themselves. encourage them to clean up their own trash after they eat. encourage them to lay out their own clothes at night, to help pack their lunch. >> reporter: tip two, start a schedule. especially with eating. >> the children are pickers, eating all day. we need to get a routine down. >> reporter: number three, tart filling up their social calendar now without spending a lot of money. >> take them to the library reading groups and say this is the kind of children you're going to be around. >> reporter: if your child is a bit nervous make a field trip to the new school so they can get a feel for where things are. >> maybe that week before, we always encourage our parents to come to the school. it's great we're open year-round. you can come in, we know where
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they are going as far as the classroom they are going to. coming in, visiting in the classroom, so they are really comfortable finding their mailbox and where their lunch goes, things like that so the first day is not so chaotic for the parent. they know what to do so they can focus on bringing the child to the class. >> reporter: tip five may be the hardest for moms and dads but never,er let them see you sweat. >> this is wonderful, a gift you're giving this child. this is not something to feel guilty or anxious about. you're giving them that gift of that wonderful foundation of learning and the friendships, the social aspect. so, again, kindergarten is going to be so much easier because of what they've experienced through pre-k. >> reporter: helping you take 5 before pre-k anxiety kicks in. >> tomorrow on "good morning maryland" we're going to talk about that anxiety and how to control it for your child as well as for you. teen drivers often understand the dangers of distracted driving but many still do it. according to a story by aaa and
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"seventeen," 87% drove while distracted. according to aaa just taking your eyes off the road for two seconds doubles your risk of getting into an a crash. new stricter rules are set to go into effect for those laser pointers in ocean city we were telling you about last week. the city wants to ban people under 18 from buying or possessing them. vendors would need to explain it's illegal to shine them on others. the ocean city council meets in less than an hour to discuss emergency ladies and ladies - legislation. the green ones have become increasingly popular in the last six weeks.
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all day long it looked like the sky was going to open up >> it was an odd day. then you had sunshine, allowing the temperatures to get to 80 degrees. it was not a bad day, but wait until tomorrow. sunshine, humidity and right back into summer. the heat is on. then we're going to get storms. we'll talk about that and even a tropical depression in the atlantic. we go outside and show you a pretty cool shot. in my opinion. you got that little peek of sunshine. then clouds. i think it's a serene look out there. we're talking a temperature of 81 degrees at the 5:00 hour. 58% humidity. that's in check now. so it's not a very uncomfortable feeling evening but the humidity will continue to ramp up. then we'll get into storms as we said 82 degrees today. we were a few degrees below average and that 100 degrees set back in 2006, that's on the books for another year. 89 downtown to the north and west. we had 80 to 82 eastern shore to cambridge. 79 degrees in cambridge.
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the dew points are beginning to usher back up. 66 downtown. 66 washington. you get these dew points nearing 70 and that is when you get the oppressive feel once again to the atmosphere. so, a little more sticky for the rest of the evening hours. storms are going to hold off until wednesday and thursday. and we got to talk tropics, with the tropical depression over into the atlantic. there's the clouds moving from south-to-north and they won't break up through the rest of the overnight. tomorrow's a better-looking day weatherwise. then we have to watch this storm out to the west. with these showers and storms they could intensify to maybe a severe weather limits for tomorrow -- i should say for wednesday and again on thursday. we'll keep an eye on that storm but here's the temperatures, pretty pleasant over the eastern third from baltimore all the way up to upstate new york. around 70 degrees. let's go to the west. the heat is on in little rock, 103. in oklahoma city 102. this heat will expand eastward, it will modify a bit allowing for daytime highs to get to about 90 degrees. let's put the future
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temperatures in motion. temperatures in the 90s. then on wednesday a few more degrees higher than that. that 90 to 94 degrees. there's the tropics, there's tropical depression four, still yet to be collin. it will track to the west/northwest. in fact this track will take it to the north of the lesser antilles, north of puerto rico. then it's all fair game for the southeastern united states. we'll see how close it does get to the southeastern coastline. right now though the computer model is all over the place. the rest of the overnight, 70 degrees, mostly cloudy and patchy fog out there. for the day tomorrow, cloudy but humid, 91 degrees. tomorrow night 70 degrees. 7-day forecast, wednesday, 93. that starts our next heat wave. as we get into thursday, 95. the chance of showers and storms both days. and friday into next weekend, pretty nice, temperatures into the upper 80s. >> thank you. lindsay lohan is no longer behind bars. she served 14 days of a 90-day jail sentence for violating probation for a 2007 drug case.
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she was released from jail early this morning but is still not free just yet. the 24-year-old actress must go to an inpatient rehab program. as the search for 7-year-old kyron horman continues his parents are growing more suspicious his stepmother may be involved. what kyron's father has to say about the woman he brought into his son's life. a skydiving trip gone bad. what caused this plane to tumble?
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thanks to base realignment and all going to aberdeen proving grounds. and plane tickets can be expensive. then add the baggage fees. how to avoid fees so you don't waste your money. plus, a blackberry blackout in one country. we'll explain why. these stories and more plus mike's complete forecast, all coming up at 5:30. in tonight's "health alert" -- a new study shows heart and brain health may go hand in hand. people whose hearts pump less blood showed signs of an older brain. more in tonight's "medical minute" from dr. timothy johnson. >> reporter: keeping your heart strong and healthy may help slow down brain aging. a new study from researchers at boston university school of medicine found that a person's brain may age faster when the heart pumps less blood. the cardiac index measures the amount of blood pumped by the heart in relation to a person's body size. study participants with the lowest cardiac index had brains that appeared to be almost two
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years older than those with the highest cardiac index. as the brain ages it usually shrinks in size. brain volume tends to be smaller, in people suffering dementia. even when researchers excluded people with cardiovascular disease, the data still showed that those with the lower cardiac index had greater brain aging. regular exercise is one of the best ways to improve the heart's blood flow. researchers admit they don't fully understand the possible link between heart function and brain volume and plan to follow up by looking at how these changes affect cognition and memory. with this "medical minute," i'm dr. timothy johnson. coppin state university is making big changes to make sure its students graduate. that story is coming up at 5:30 which starts in two minutes. if you fight to sleep in the middle of the night,
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